Live Shows

February 11th  –  Seattle, WA  @  Madame Lou’s   |  Tickets

February 12th  –  Portland, OR   @   Mississippi Studios  |  Tickets

February 13th  –  Eugene, OR   @   John Henry’s  |  Tickets

February 15th  –  Grass Valley, CA   @   Gold Vibe Kombuchary  |  Tickets 

February 16th  –  San Francisco, CA   @   Rickshaw Stop  |  Tickets

February 17th (with Karate)  –  San Diego, CA  @   Soda Bar  |  Tickets

February 19th  –  Los Angeles, CA   @   Palace Theater   |   Tickets  (Password: TWENTY )

about rex

Hovering somewhere at the intersection of Nirvana and Neil Young, Rex exploded—or drifted, rather—onto the slowcore scene in the mid-1990s. Taking its cue from bands like Codeine, which drummer Doug Scharin was a part of, the trio including Curtis Harvey on Guitar and vocals and Phil Spirito on bass managed to synthesize the dynamic eruptions of grunge, twinkling guitars of bluegrass, and sprawling string arrangements of chamber pop to forge a sound all their own. Their music has never been available digitally and just recently has started to be rereleased by the Numero Group with new vinyl releases coming in 2023.